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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Playing 'in the pocket'  is a musical term.

It is a phrase that that speaks to time but also a great sense of rhythm...which can be two separate things.

A player with great phrasing will move in and out of time to create tension and the guys that can do it well are the players that I really admire.

My time is shit.


I didn't realize how bad my sense of time has become until I got my little ditto looper pedal and began experimenting with it.

I have been playing a lot of solo guitar and duet stuff for the past decade and you can get away with some sloppy rhythm stuff.

Sometimes that is even the goal and the freedom that goes with it is what is most appealing about that type of an approach.

However...I have picked up some bad habits...



I have been using the looping pedal and  I have been recording myself improvising over some little vamps.

There is no hiding or fooling yourself when you do this and I hope it shames me into addressing my sense of time and developing a stronger meter.

This will be a little project for me .Hopefully by doing it I will have a cool little 'before and after snapshot' and see if my phrasing improves as I go along.


Either way it is kind of fun...and that is the whole point.  

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