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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Owen strikes again...

Finally a decent fish!!!!


So I decided to keep Owen out of school today...his teacher was cool with it and even Mom started to come around.

It is really hard to place a value on the time spent with Dad and Grandpa out on the water chasing fish... and not to be too morbid but you never know how long these types of things will last.

Neither Gerry nor I are getting any younger...and Owen is still interested...who knows when the window of opportunity will close??

So we hit er pretty hard again today...Fog on the water but pretty calm..great day for pulling lures and hanging out just being guys.

About an hour in one of the rods goes off and starts just screaming...big fish...finally!!!

Owen is big enough now that he can fight the fish all by himself and it was a real hoot watching him go toe to toe with this thing.

At one point his touque got tangled up in the reel.

 It jammed up the drag and no line could go in our out...yet still this nasty hot fish was pulling...I thought for sure he was going over board!!!!

Complete shitshow... but after ripping his touque apart we were back in business...and shortly after that fishy is in the boat..

Nothing can ever be easy...he is my child after all...

Great day... resulting with Owen in first place in the kids category again


..... and ending with a salmon feast at the Norlands with Grandma and Grandpa.

..did the Salmonfest trifecta of..

1. Rocky Madsen fishcrisp  Cajun salmon nuggets...(favourite..better than Skeeters Wings)

2. Grilled Salmon with garlic, Sea salt, Olive oil and pepper...(Ellas Favourite)

3. Broiled Salmon in tinfoil with butter, garlic, tomato, onions, ollive oil and cilantro...(Mommys Favourite)

All washed down with chilled Chardonnay and Ice Cold Moosehead...


Got the sea legs silly style...

Back at er tomorrow...dodging thunderstorms...

Tried to get Morin out as a deck hand but his Vagina is still full of sand


  1. That food actually looks good! WTF?
    Good for Owen although he did appear to be more content with the Nintendo DS.
    I gotta make plastic tomorrow...My work situation took a drastic turn for the better today. Tell ya later.

  2. Is that a lamprey or did your parasitic penis fall off again?

  3. Right on Owen!!!! That is a nice fish.

  4. Morin does have a vag, doesn't he.

  5. Morin is asexual... a fucking Eunich...and also a GIANT