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I am useless.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year....or is it?

So ... I am a hopeless Neurotic ..

...and the sky is blue and water is kind of damp...

I made a relatively big decision today.

I listed two of my guitars on Kijiji. This is a big deal for me ..but I wish it wasn't.

These guitars were built for me by a local luthier who at the time was a very good friend of mine. I still consider him a friend but the reality is we never see each other or make any attempt to contact each other.
I am his friend ...but probably not a very good friend by definition.

...all my fault. Acknowledged.

These two guitars are wonderful instruments but I just have moved away from what they are in terms of what I need from an instrument.
That is an uptight way of saying that I never want to play them.

 Both have sat around in their respective cases for years just collecting dust..
...meanwhile I am jonesin for a nice handwired amplifier...and have no cash for it....

Should be a no brainer...except for the guilt....guilt sucks...and in truth I have had enough of it.

If selling these guitars makes me a bad person than so be it.

If I get even close to what I am asking for these guitars I will have my new amp in no time and last time I checked I wasn't getting any younger.

I am not waiting for anything anymore if it isn't necessarily. This isn't so much philosophical stance as much as simple life tactics..

So I accept that I am a disloyal insensitive douchebag and list the guitars.

I then walk upstairs and try to finish doing the which time my faucet that I just installed in November cracks and sprays water all over the fucking place.

Just coincidence I am sure..right....??

My New years resolution is FUCK IT!!!!!


  1. Useless!!!!LOL! You should be a plumbing pro by the end of it.
    Remind me never to let you help me with anything. ;0)

    Don't fret about those guitars. The Eastman is much nicer IMHO plus ya gotta get that Amp before the cancer gets ya!

  2. Don't worry... I will never ever ever help you with anything..especially rowing the are a the shit whip master when it comes to plumbing. Anyway got er done and fixed...and it gave me an excuse to drink beer...always a good thing.
    If these guitars sell we may have to make a road trip to Chicago

  3. Oh yes ..lets indeed do this!!!