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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am a bona fide Beer Snob...and I know it can be annoying.

I try not get in your face with it. Those people should be killed.

I like good beer...really good beer..Beer, that is  ..

..and a really good Beer should be revered like the thing of beauty and grand achievement that it really is in the world full of plastic and penis envy marketing.

For the record I love hot chicks...but that is an unrelated fascination that has nothing to do with my enjoyment of Beer..leave the bikinis out of it and give me a great brew.

Morin texted me today raving about the classic Muskoka Cream Ale...he even had the audacity to suggest that it is better than Creemore Springs???????

...Fucking Heresy

If it weren't for the fact that I need him for his cabin I would have him burnt at the stake for such a claim...

It is encouraging to see he has moved on from whatever Urine light beer hes been drinking...LOL

..To be fair .. I have my Moosehead   ..(Union Made fuckers!!)

There has to be a place for the cheap...yet palatable..24 from the Duty Free store or I might have to quite my job.

I start projecting to the cold beer in my fridge at right around 16:00 hrs...which leaves me distracted and salivating for another 4....

In the front door and straight to the fridge..

Cry for help??...maybe..but honesty is the first step...and this is my life..

There is nothing like a real quality class A 'craft Beer' and there is great joy in discovering a new one...

This is my latest discovery and it is outfrigginstanding!!!!!!

Mill Street Lemon Tea Ale 

This is the quintessential summer Beer..I have tasted nothing like it.

It sounds weird and I suppose it is ...although I see that some of the Big names are starting to try the same concoction.
The key with these types of things in my opinion is subtlety...and they have nailed it ..what a gift on a summers day.
Definitely in the top ten for me.

Thank god for if they can only keep this one in stock a little better..

It would be better if I was the only one who liked it..


  1. You guys better bring some of that thar brew on your next trip over this way. Just sayin'.

    I'd like to try em.

    1. Listen Ricks...There is always a tonne of it at the cabin. Any time my friend! Perhaps Norland and I can bribe a salmon trip out of you for a sampleing of Canadian Craft Beer Goodness. ;0) We'll be in touch once we finalize a date.

    2. That and some Rocky Madsen Fish Crisp (cajun is best but leaves you pissing out your ass and crying for death because of the burning...BUT WORTH IT!!!)

  2. They should have called it Mill Street Penis in the bum beer cause that's what all you homo's that drink it want to do to each other after a couple. Maybe it's the yellow nadds on the label that appeal to you so much?
    Anyways...God will damn you to hell sinner!
    You are correct on a good craft beer. I certainly love them in moderation. Too much of a good thing ruins it for me so the Bud light certainly has it's place.
    Moose head is piss. Just like Heinekin. Piss I say.

  3. Lemon Tea Beer??? you are a Beer Snob with a vagina........

  4. JB...DONE!!...question is when??

    Morin...there is no hope you NEED to try this beer..BUD LIGHT!!.. Id have more respect for you if you were into taking bath salts and eating people.

    HArv...if I had a vagina I would quit my job and never leave the house...Leave it to a post about beer to flush you out!!


    All you guys are gay