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Thursday, June 14, 2012


So proud...

Owen has become a very good athlete...certainly way better than I ever was.

Today he competed in a city wide Track and Field Meet.

He has been working very hard at it and we all had high expectations including Owen....( Maybe too high )

He dominated last year with 4 first place finishes in 4 events but this year he moves into a different division which now has him competing as the youngest of his group.
Here he is running the 800 metre...he is the wee short fella on the is actually pretty tall for his age..
Untitled from Gene Norland on Vimeo.
Most kids he battled today were at least a year and a grade ahead of him.

He wasn't intimidated but you could see the shock and frustration when he didn't just destroy everyone like he usually does at his own school...or did last year against kids the same age.

Oh is all part of  the learning process and it is really nice to see him excel at something he loves.

Four ribbons total..

3rd place in the 100 metre

2nd place in long jump with a 406

2nd place in the relay where he ran as the anchor and closed considerable distance

1st place in the 800 metre

The longer races seem to be his thing but his favourite event is the long jump.

Today was a good day...very emotional for me.
St Michaels School won the overall ..a big part due to my sons acheivements...

I just love that kid script..
Kim made me remove the original Youtube video...apparently she was uncomfortable with a comment she made about one of Owens competitors ...absurd but I love her...I reposted it with some of my guitar playing in the background instead



  1. That kid has some real talent Gene and its very apparent. He owned the 800m, which is incredible given the size of some of those kids! Very respectable finishes.

    Be proud my friend. You've got a great family.

  2. Thx buddy... I am stupid proud..people I am sure are sick of hearing me talk about it at work.
    Happy fathers day...lets get together soon.

  3. Me...I'm just sick of hearing you talk. STFU already and for Christ's sake work a full friggin set. ;0)
    Congrats Owen!

  4. Hmmm... I guess Ill go with the all encompassing 'Go Fuck yourself'...

  5. That is awesome Gene. Congrats to Owen. Track is one sport I hate watching them practice but its totally opposite when they race.