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Friday, June 29, 2012


Oh boy...

I hate fishing for walleye.

There are times on the water during "The Pickeral Drift" that I stare off into the distance.. almost like you would stare at a fixed spot during a root canal..
...this is not an exaggeration ..

On three different occasions today I heard the conversation between boaters go.."Do ya think were gonna hit?" in drift into each other because there are about ten million boats jammed into an area about 300 metres long..

...all desperate for some fish.

Gerry and I go early to avoid the madness..and the gobies..but lately that doesnt even help.

We were on the water by 5am and had trouble fitting into the drifting line...or Shitrat Armada as I like to refer to it..

But...there are lots of the bottom is carpeted..
..if Gerry had done his part we'd have been off the water in an hour with our dozen.

Every year these fish stack up out there. the size of the fish fluctuates but the numbers are is a massacre...and there is blood on my

The poor love...they are hideous...but scrumptious..and I am looking forward to dinner tonight!!!

I think that it will be the frying pan with some lemon pepper over cracker crumbs...chased with a generous portion of MILL STREET LEMON TEA BEER!!!!!!!!

..for me and my Vagina ..

Anyway...the 'drift' is on and it is time for the harvest..grin and bear it...the only game in town really not to mention a lot of people would kill for a guaranteed limit of  good old 'Pickeral'...

Might start using dynamite just to get off the water quicker.