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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My kids love animals...

With Ella it is a constant campaign / guilt trip for a dog.

For the record she has won me over.

I feel now that it isn't just a passing fancy with her and she would devote herself to the pooch...I mean,  as much as any child can.
 I am in.
I would get one today for a matter of fact I am concerned that if I don't that I am depriving this beautiful child of something really important...something that I enjoyed myself and only have fond memories of.
That is a sin in my mind....a terrible one.

My wife has no frame of reference.

They never even had so much as a gold fish growing up.

When we first got married we were dog-less..and pet-less ...and I was cool with it.

As a matter of fact I don't miss the mess...and I do remember in the back yard..itchy eyes..and that funky stink that gets on everything...

...I also remember that it was worth it.

This is something that I will not force has to be a joint decision with everybody on far it is just Ella and I ..with Owen Neutral ...Avery hates dogs...

Kimi is not budging and in truth I suspect that I will thank her for it in the long run....but I have never really been a big fan of the long run...

The long run sucks...and it haunts me...fuck the long run...

So in the interim it is wildlife...Toads, Mice, Snakes, Snails, Dew Worms....and of course Turtles..

Untitled from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

It is tradition for us every summer to grab a Turtle from the local swamp and bring it home for a few nights.

The kids name it..(this one is  "Candy" and we build a little home for it in the 'Turtle Pool'.

He eats well..usually BBQ in leftover tenderloin and walleye (Pickeral if you reek of back

Here is a picture of him done by

They are neat animals and I get a kick out of it too.....reminds me of my youth.

So far we haven't been able to teach it to fetch ....but for now this will have to do...

..we'll keep working on Mommy..



  1. Listen...
    Quit your bitch whining and man up! Talk to your lovely wife and tell her it is important to both you and your children that you get a dog. It teaches responsiblity, compassion, and caring. Some day's I want to kill Cody but if I could go back and change the decision to have ever gotten him I would never do it. Dog's are the only genuine creatures on this planet. They will love you to death and beyond and never...never betray you. Get your kids a dog..Jesus...its a dog man not a friggin Komoto-Dragon. People get face tattoo's with less angst.
    (No fag dogs either jazz man! Had to say that knowing you! Get a friggin family dog ever and you still maintain dignity)

  2. Gene, Tim was Ella's age when we got Sammy and I felt the same guilt. Tim is great with Sam and loves him dearly. They sleep together every night and they certainly have a unique bond that is irreplaceable. Perhaps I don't fully appreciate the relationship they share.

    However, in many ways, I'm still stuck holding the bag. In fact, its only been recently that Tim has started bathing him weekly and freeing the yard of his excrement. For the 6 years before that, it was me.

    Rainy days suck, as does winter and yes, even with weekly baths, dogs have that funky smell that's tough to keep out of your house. Going away even for the day is a chore, unless we bring him with us and even then it sucks.

    I'm with Kimmy on this one. When Sammy passes in another 6-8 years, Cameron will indeed be dogless because I won't ever get another. The benefits don't outweigh the daily agony!