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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Squirten 'em like a Bitch

Today is the last day of school for my kids...well Ella and Owen..

They are pretty excited about it of course but also kind of sad. They both love school very much and the teachers at their school are really exceptional.

Next year should be interesting for the kids  and all of us as all but one teacher will remain. I dont know why the school board feels the need to do these types of 'Shake ups' but to mind my it is a very destructive move or at least a senseless one...
 .. Of course I might feel differently if the teachers my children have been blessed with were pieces of shit.

We got a call last week from Ella's teacher.

She gave us a heads up that Ella would be receiving an award this year!!!

I lost it immediately....

Shes my little sweetheart and indeed she has a heart of gold...just such a pure spirit.

The award she is receiving is what they call the "Living Faith Award"and it is given out to the child that consistently shows behavior that best reflects Christian values.
Honesty,Integrity, Kindness, Respect...yada yada
(Good thing they take after their Mother..)

Owen has won this award twice.

This is a big deal and I am so proud of them...even though it is a little weird for me.

God and I are not tight...and yet my kids go to a Catholic school...

I have read the Bible...all of it... I've read a lot of things...
Unfortunately they lost me at

I am at least Agnostic however I get most of the Christian philosophy and recognize that our kids have benefited from the great school they have enrolled in.

I know in the future there may be some tough questions asked of me by my children...I will tell them the truth and hope they don't resent me.

...Anyway .. 'that aside' today was a great day...and I had something in my eye when Ella's name was called....must've been an eyelash or

This was a complete surprise for her and I was so happy for her. The look on her face is something I will never forget.

She has been very proud of Owen with his achievements but just lately I've started to notice how hard it must be for her to be living in his shadow at that school  or even our home for that matter.

Owen doesn't rub it in or anything...but its there.

This was her moment and I see what it is that the people responsible for giving out this award see in her.

I am so incredibly proud of them both.!!!!!!!!

...And  BTW Owen also won Male athlete of the  

Now on to the Olympics!!!!!!!



  1. Glad to hear my friend, though these awards shouldn't come as a shock to you.

    Its incredible the impression a loving environment can leave on kids. You should be proud of not only them, but also the life you and Kim have surrounded them with. There is a reason they stand out.

    Now the truth....they're forunate they have half of Kim's genes - lets face it, if they had 51% of yours, they'd have no chance....HOMO.

  2. cHRSIT ...THANK GOD FOR THE LAST LINE OF YOUR COMMENT...I thought someone had Hijacked your Blogger account...
    So Ella is on the couch now with a fever and bad cough...thast what they call they old Norland one two punch!!! so it goes
    Not complaing though...we just had a visit from a friend and her kids.
    They wanted to see the pet snake we have ( yes..another snake..)..
    Anyway..they are great people and dig this.. all of their kids have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis...WTF??
    I think we are pretty OK with the flu.
    If I ever start taking any of this for granted I want someone to kick me in the nuts..
    Now get your as down here and share some beers with me!!!
    ...and fix my computer...friggin porn sites are nothing but trouble..

  3. You tell me when. Things are a little nuts with Jess working, but we'll make time. Pick a date.

  4. Gerry needs new shorts. Gay!