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Monday, June 4, 2012

Body and Soul

I had a chance to do some music surfing today.

I got thinking about some of the great ballads that have been written over the yeas and the various recordings..

When I think of Ballads one of the first ones that comes to mind is 'Body and Soul'...a song of unrequited love and a lyric that is the pinnacle of the romantic spirit of that time period...
That paired with a perfectly haunting melody in Eb minor..the saddest key in the medium..makes it just about perfect.

 BODY and SOUL... classic

My heart is sad.. and lonely
For you I sigh (cry)...for you dear only
I tell you I mean it...,

I long for you.. Body and Soul

I spend my days in longing..,
Just wondering why...its me you're wronging 
Why haven't you seen it...

I'm all for you ....Body and Soul

I cant believe it..its hard to conceive it
That you'd turn away romance
Are you pretending? looks like the ending..?
Unless I could get , one more chance to prove dear?

My life a wreck ( Hell ) your making
While I am yours..
Just for the taking
I'd gladly surrender...

Myself to you ..Body and Soul

The middle section is genius...into a major key change that implies hope...mirroring the lyric...then drop to the minor of the same key and the bottom falls out...back to sadness...then up a semitone with the key change back to Eb minor...finally resolving to Db major..

Really pretty... Here is Ella singing it

Now here is my version...


About halfway through I get Ella and Avery running into the kitchen barking like dogs with their webkins...Nice...

Oh well ...that is my

And of course theres alway the genius of Coltrane..


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