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I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I haven't been sure whether to to focus my efforts on puppy training or chuck that and start building an ARK.

This fucking weather sucks.

Weatherman called for right around 140-160 mm 's of rain and unfortunately this time around he was right on the money.

Spending tons of time indoors...whipping Owens butt at classic video games..Pacman, Galaga..

Poochie has been awesome in spite of this weather.
The training is coming along nicely. This dog is wicked smart!!!!...and a real Character.

I have taken a couple of days off this week in anticipation of the basement flooding..but...and I am reluctant to type far so good!!

Tomorrow could be the death blow though..tomorrow is when we are supposed to get hit the hardest.

I guess we'll see then...

I am going to tackle this grade issue in the coming least that s the plan..

From Mid Apr- mid May I only work 3 shifts ( and they are looking shaky ) so I will have the time to do it.
I have some good ideas and a bit of a gameplan
I am keen to deal with this once and for all.

Fingers crossed.

I have had some time, in between dogshit duty, to really dial in some sexy tones with the new amp.
It really is a remarkable piece of equipment. A tone machine.
I've been trying to allow the aggressive side of tone spectrum to bring my playing into to some new areas musically.
Fun - but humbling- learning anything is...especially at my age..
But if RUBY can learn to shit outside in the same spot..even during a lightening storm and blinding rainfall I should be able to find some Chicago blues chops hiding in here somewhere!!

One of Owens little friends at school has a mother that had been battling Cancer.

I just received news that she passed away last night at the local Hospice.

Very sad - leaving 3 young boys behind without a mother and trying to deal with all that heaviness.

I met her once when I'd dropped Owen off at their house for a playdate.
She was pretty bad off even then but she really struck me as a brave individual...still focused on living and providing love to her family.

She was my age maybe a little younger.

If my basement floods tomorrow I am just going to laugh at it... I have got it made and I never want to forget that.

Speaking of Mother and Father...

Heres Rubys Mom 'Nala' ( gold coloured dog )...

and Dad...'Drew'


  1. Ruby's father Drew is a Mungoloid! No wonder she has an inverted Sn@tch! Christ! are officially out of the clost and a flaming "Dog Fag!" with this post.
    Are you having Ruby's mom and dad over for dinner any time soon? Did you befriend them on Facebook? Fag!

  2. Oh ya and "Puppies remind us of the important things in life" What the F@ck kinda bullsh@t is that! Puppies remind us that the kids didn't do their F'ing job by sh!tting and pissing on the floor. Oh yeah and they remind you that they lick their own junk by licking your face.

  3. Jesus I f@cking hate shutdowns!!!!

  4. Shut downs?... I wish your heart would shut

    BTW...the other made me laugh so hard I farted!!!

    Well played