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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leave Me Be

Today is my first day of 21 days straight vacation.

I had some pre-Salmon Derby running around to do and actually got quite a bit of stuff accomplished.
whipped over stateside to pick some prize packages that Gander Mountain were generous enough to donate to the Bluewater Anglers Derby Committee.

My Father in Law is a big part of this group and he is one of the main reasons why the Derby happens every year.
All the proceeds go into the local Hatchery.. ( for better or for worse depending on your opinion of the way the Greats Lake are managed.)
...but the intention is good ...and the event is a lot of fun.

There have been some good reports and I can't wait to get started.

Gerry and I will launch the boat tomorrow and Friday morning will mark the beginning of the contest.

I renewed my US fishing license with the idea that we will probably fish up the US side towards Lexington early on.

The water has a tendency to warm up over there first and give the best opportunities for quality fish especially in unusually cold springs like the one we are suffering through currently.

I actually ran from the car to Lowes today because of the amount of snow that was falling..NICE!!

I was going in to by lawn care

Got a brief opportunity to play the guitar today....although Avery was on me the moment I plugged er in...'I'm Bored'..bla bla...she actually comes over and turns my guitar down at one point.

21 days... I am going to savour be damned


  1. Enjoy your time off and best of luck chasing 'nooks in the Derby. I have a bit of time off in the next few weeks also so if you wanna chase some drop backs one day give me a shout.


  2. Go get em out there in the big blue. Hope you guys find a decent place on the board. It sure would be cool if you won it again!
    If I die in Alaska tell my story but make sure to state "the bear and I died at the same time!"...just after it buggered the hell out of Maxfield!