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Friday, April 26, 2013

Day One

Well ,

The Salmon Derby is not the kind of fishing where one can wax poetic and romanticize about becoming one with Nature and all that sort of thing.
It is a meat hunt..

And it is grim at times...
There will be very few grip and grin shots with the angles just right to bring out the beauty of it all...

I think there is beauty there.

In the Tradition.

...but inside the cooler it is something else...

Just death...

And after your removed and Magnum size treble hook from a smaller size salmons aint pretty.

It Never ceases to amaze me that a Five pound salmon would hammer a Magnum spoon big enough for it to choke on.


Day one was a great day for fishing!!

Cold to start but had me cleaning fish it a tee shirt by the end of it.
Is spring finally here???

We got five salmon today...but no big ones.Perfect for the table but nothing boardworthy...yet..

Friends of ours hit a good one right in the area we were fishing today...which stings ..but is a good sign.

We are at it again tomorrow..and Owen is coming ...He is all fired up about it...which is nice.

MAybe he'll bring us some luck.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck shit-rat brethren! May the killing fields be kind.

    Go Owen!!!