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Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 days Later

Well... the fishing has been so so...

Yesterday we were 5 for 7 which is pretty good for two guys.
We did as good as anybody in so far as hookups but unfortunately they were all between 4 and 6 lbs...
Great for the table but not so great for the leader board...

Today was worse.

The forecast called for thunderstorms and Gerry and I found ourselves staring out at lightening across the lake when we showed up at the marina.

Gerry prides himself on being the first one on the water so it was still pitch black out  ....we weighed the possibility of being killed by lightening  against the possibility of wasting a fishing day doing yardwork or some shit... brainer..out we go...fuck it..

The lightening stayed out to the west of us for most the morning ...but finally the nastiness forced us off at about 10 am.

1 for 5 today...nothing would stick.....

Why do I do this Morin asks??...

I love it... I is fun ..the suspense of waiting for the rods to pop...or my favourite..The screaming dipsy 
I love that.

So does Gerry...and it is a great chance for the two of us to hang out and shoot the shit.

Even during periods of inactivity , looking out across the water, fresh air, rocking of the is peaceful.

It doesn't touch a great day on the home river in the fall...but it is close some days.

It could very well be be that the remaining three days will have the boat filled with kids....Owen is one thing ...but this could be the end of the fun and the beginning of debt payment.

That is fine...totally cool...but it would've been nice for Gerry and I to get one more big fish.

God give me strength.


  1. should have toughed it missed a half day of good trollin... ;o)
    What's with all the missed fish? small ones? False releases? shit hooks? Glad I didn't go as you would have been blamin me :o.
    Good luck with the watch...Lukie-Bear is gonna boat a 24 and take this thing. Karma!

  2. Friends of ours hammered them after we left....sigh...not my boat...but it did look pretty shitty and I am no fan of breaking shit down in a lightening storm.
    Well she is winding down...last hurrah on Sunday and we'll give em heel out there.
    It has been fun in spite of the usual stupid shit.

  3. Poor Owen got knocked of the board...Sundays the day ...we done it before...twice.... I am bringin the heat

  4. "We weighed the possibility of being killed by lightening and against the possibility of wasting a fishing day doing yardwork or some brainer..out we go...fuck it."

    LOL Atta boy. I love it.

    There is nothing like a slamming dipsey. Nothing.

  5. Fish ON the Dipsey!!!!

    JB ...ever fish Erieau??...the tales are should haul your boat down in the summer..
    40 fish days with crazy hot Steelies...can't even keep lines in the water...
    No where on earth like it for the troller