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Monday, May 7, 2012

Final Day...Final Thoughts

Yesterday was the last day and we ended on a good note.

Owen and I had to sit out the last two days....which to be honest stung a bit.

It is Gerrys boat and being dad /Grandpa/ and friend sometimes puts him in the middle, and having a good heart and a strong moral compass at times can be a major hindrance to your own personal happiness.

I feel for him...I mean ... I truly believe that everybody 'gets' what they want in life whether they realize it our not but what I have come to realize also is that 'Happiness' has many layers ...

I think that is about all I will say in that regard...except maybe that Owen has really come to love this sport...which only Gerry can offer him...and he was bitterly disappointed that he wasn't invited out on Saturday..

The Derby started off grim...the weather kept us off the water the first day and should've kept us off the second as well but after the water settled and cleared people started getting into fish.

We ended up, despite the slow start with right around 25 fish... all of which weighed in...two right around 12lbs and a few that  were 8ish ...

Kettle Point was the hot spot and it is continuing to get hotter. It should fish well right through til the end of June depending on the water temps and I am hoping that we'll get up there again before too long.

I really enjoy this sport, especially now that the fish have started to show up again in fishable numbers and with sizes that are respectable.

The last I checked the leading fish were 24lbs and 23lbs respectively ...those are good fish for our waters.

 A great mixture of Salmon, Steelhead..( and yes I know that Steelhead are salmon )..and Browns.

The only thing we had on the board going in on the last day was a ten pound Brown... I have to believe that it will take some kind of prize  ....ah but that really isn't the point ...

The point is fun and getting together with family ... and I had a blast!!

Getting together with family can test you...and that is as it should be I suppose...

Every year I think to myself that ...boy,.. it would be great to be able to approach this game with my own boat own tactics own way of doing things...

Too many deck hands really gets on my nerves...

..But really the spring ..I would be fishing with Gerry choice....

Erieau would be the same...and the fall would have me getting giddy over the rivers.

Same old theme of not enough time..not nearly enough time...'the word time makes me angry'..but there is time enough for some things and watching Owen catch two 12 lbers this week with big smiles and fishing with three generations of fish junkies is a really special thing that is not lost on me...not in the least.

This was a great great week..very great...and I was fortunate to be part of it.


  1. Cool!
    Now that the "derby", and all it stands for is over, I'd be interested in a day out there with just you, me, and Jerry. Make it happen. Owen had caught more spring salmon that I ever have.

    cough, cough, wheeze ;0)

  2. Sounds good...but what you really need to do is find a 'Getting out of fishing sale' on used gear...
    2 riggers, 2 inline boards a dipsey and 5 rod holders and were off...seriously...Erieau. Lake Ontario TYEES!!. Lake Michigan, Owen Sound...sell 7 or eight of your float reels to fund it..great way to pass the summer in between real is a shame not too