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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dr. Doolittle , Forts..and What-Not

So it has been and interesting couple of weeks that are worth documenting.

Kim has been working quite a bit and I have had quite a bit of time off...which puts me with the kids.

As shameful as it is to admit there was a time when that would've bummed me out as in 'Hard to do the things you want to do' when you have to watch the kids.

... Well what I want to do more than anything is watch the with the kids to be more accurate.

Owen and Ella are still in school so Avery and I have had some real quality time together.

Here is a cool Fort that we built in the living room.
You cant have a Fort without snacks....and a Beer for Daddy!!!

( I almost got tossed from the Fort for spilling my beer....sigh...rules are rules )

We have also had a real string of luck with the Critters!!

Avery loves animals and she is not afraid of anything. We were at the childrens animal farm the other day and I happened to mention that I had a pet snake when I was a we go into the bush to look for one.

There used to be tons of snakes down there but I had a tough time finding one... we finally happened across a beauty!!

He ( or She..???) became a temporary resident at the Norland House and for some reason Avery named the snake rainbow.

We had all the neighbours kids coming by for a peek. My kids felt like rock stars.

The snake was really cool and man did that thing eat!!

Polished off about 8-10 dew worms a day. It got to the point where it would almost eat from my hand.

We released it yesterday to all kinds of tears but the kids know that it is the right thing to do.

Even I kind of miss the

We also have had close encounters with a Giant Snail, Mama Mouse and babies living in the BBQ, a Toad, and a beautiful Necropia Moth.

Fun stuff...

The kids get a great kick out of these little natural gifts and I think that its important to expose them to these things.

In the midst of all this I finally decided to tear out my shitty old deck.
The wood was so rotted that I was falling through while BBQing....not good.

Kim and I saw some Patio stones in a LOWES flyer and all of a sudden I was off!!!

Here are some before and now pics...should be finished tomorrow provided Avery doesn't throw out the Anchor

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