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I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Monday, May 7, 2012

What an Ass..

Two posts in one day...


Back to Normal

Well today it was family guy...a role I dig.

I kind of missed Avery with all the fishing I'd been doing soon when Kim informed me that she was teaching today I was pretty happy.
Avery and I have our little routine...

..well more of a list of options to choose from.

Animal farm, Push her in the running stroller, picnic, beach walk, swings, build a fort in the living room with cushions chairs and blankets, feed the trout at the hatchery pond..etc..

After I whipped up a quick breakfast for us I was ready to hit the ground running...

I hadn't noticed that it was pouring rain out.

I had promised Ave a trip to the animal farm...and hey a promise is a promise...she doesn't mind the rain at all..and really neither do off we go.

The picnic had to be in the front seat of the car but we had the whole park to ourselves.

Go figure.
We'll always find a way to have fun.

So we get home from the park to find that a Biblical plague has hit my house!!
I always knew that god hated me but this is weird tactic...
My driveway was completed covered with worms...WORMS!!!

Very there were thousands of them....and all over the grass too!!!



I bought some heavy duty Scotts fertilzer this year that seems to be kicking ass on my dandelions so I am wondering if the worms are attracted to it in some way??

Pretty freaky... I think Avery was traumatized...and certainly my wife

I had a few minutes this morning while Avery watched TreeHouse and ate breakfast so I made a quick video of my new guitar.

Still crazy about it.

It is a weird feeling being satisfied..although now I am thinking about swapping out the pick

My playing is a little forced but it always seems to be when I am being recorded..that and my hands are still hamburgered from all the downriggin..

It was strange not getting up at 04:00 this morning.

Four more days off work and I am determined to enjoy looms like a black cloud...


  1. That cow shit all over himself just like you do.
    Stupid cow! haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa

    God is toying with you...sending his legion of doom early just to let you know he is awaiting around the corner with a big club! Kerrrwackkk!

  2. Nice geetar. You've got skills, my man.

  3. Thx brother...
    My son says my guitar playing makes him a way it makes perfect sense.
    I play this music to lower my blood pressure and keep me from any sort of psychotic break...
    So far so good.

    I am trying to talk Gerry into hauling the boat to Lake Michigan this

  4. Great stuff on the guitar video!!! Wish I had musical talents. I can barely survive "Guitar Hero".

  5. I am a horror show at guitar hero myself...
    Thx for the kind words.
    Back to work tomorrow after two weeks off...very depressed here...

  6. I may burn the Animal farm down this weekend. Turn it into a waste ridden area of constant hatred and despair. Send the kids a precursor metaphor of what their life will resemble after High School.
    That and throw a wrench into your "fag-routine"
    Whooo haaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa
    Jazz guitar is for's work bitch! :0)

  7. So once again I am sent to urban dictionary to find out wtf you are talking about..."Felchers" ..ultra gay..
    I will never get those minutes back
    Couldnt do a full shift today and booked outa there at 17:00...grabbed a sirloin fred flintstone steak and threw er on a the BBQ...I am now drunk...fuck work....
    As for your hatred of the animal farm...let me just say this.."Methinks you doth protest to much"...I am now convinced you sneak in there for a little backdoor baa baa black sheep action you inhuman piece of dogshit...for christs sake they are gods creatures...SHAME!!!