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I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bye Bye Blackbird

Here is the Miles Davis version of this tune.

 It is one of the hokey-ist standards going but sometimes the melody just gets in my head ...tis one of those... It always makes me happy...kind of like Happy Birthday or some

 The Miles version is classic...and when Coltrane arrives at 3:25 it always gives me a rush. What people must've thought back then about the way he approached this music.

 So commonplace now because of him.

  Anyway... I took the day off today...

 I've had a chest cold that I have had a tough time shaking and woke up after a rough night and decided to burn a sick day....fuck it...
I don't feel like playing hero for a place that doesn't give two shits about its workforce.

 Anyway ...over coffee I made a recording of my own version. Very Hokey...but sometimes Hokey is just what the soul needs..

 Bye Bye Blackbird

I used my Boss micro BR which allows you to multitrack.

I lay down the chords and then go back over and record the melody and improvised parts on top.

This is a fun little exercise that really makes me pay attention to things like metre and note choice.

Sometimes when I listen back to these types of things I want to kill this one wasn't too bad.

This style of music is not for everybody but I will never get tired of these great old tunes.


  1. You weird, weird, weird, POS! You and your lawn-jockey musical hero's can go and F*ck yourselves.
    Bye Bye POS!
    How's that! Whoooo Haaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. Jesus christ....I dont even know where to are a sad human...very sad.

    You got me thinking about and Gil...

    Pictures all look great and tying flies is fun as well...its only when you actually go out and try and catch something that you realize that you've been had by all the hype....

    Trout are too smart...and we all know that Michigan hates me...I can picture myself executing the perfect roll cast on the PM just in time for a tree to fall on me...NOT KILL ME...just leave me crippled from the neck down so I can sit and stare at my guitar in its case whilst I wallow in mine own feces and drool away the day..

    But hey.. what the hell..lets giver!!!