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I am useless.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well there always has to be something....

And it never hurts to fact it is probably essential.

The guitar is great and I have have been playing it silly style now that fishing has faded into the distance..( although Morin and I are talking about throwing some feathers tonight...if he can get his Vagina out of the midlife crisis / MILF gym )..

Now I want this ...right around $3000.oo give or take a little

Boutique amps...handwired...all tube construction...NO printed circuit boards anywhere...very sexy..

I love how you can see the tubes glowing through the front of the amp...kinda like sitting in front of a roaring fire... that is singing to you!!!

It is called a SWART Atomic Space Tone super 30 and if I win the lottery I will have one in every room.

This one is nice as well..and it comes in Alligator or Ostrich coating (shown) !!!

This is the CARR Rambler and is supposed to be the living end of Fender Blackface style amps..

In other words right up my alley..

...dream away....sigh....

If we weren't yearning for things to be a little better...or at least different in a tasty way we would probably shrivel up and die.


I am thinking that two would be nice... One Ostrich..the other Black Alligator...and run them in stereo...


  1. Very true, that last statement. Do it. Drop the wallet and go for it. From the sounds of it (cause I know nothing about musical instruments and such), the amp would complete the guitar, yes? ;)

  2. Without dreams one might as well be dead.
    It is important to realize them and not once every 6 years. Squirrels have it right. Pace your self..put a little away each month...say one hell endured OT shift...and realize your dream.

    My current dream is to deficate on your dead corpse whilst swinging a classic spey for my 40th steelie of the day!

  3. Gil...the amp would be the death blow to my Marriage...which has a far greater value.

    I think that I may offer myself a little annual retail therapy with ever tax return.
    Seemed to work out well this year!


  4. Corpse!!!

    I can't be killed... I am the Cockaroach!!!!

    ...Now its nap time.