Step two...

The next phase of online self indulgence.
I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bye Bye Rotted Deck


Step #1...( this step dislocated a family of Mice that found their way into my BBQ..MFer!!!...didnt have the heart to kill em)...


Step #3 

Step #4

Step #5...starting to sexy up!!!

With any Luck tomorrow or the next day will have the finished product posted....
..just in time for me to go back to work,
..and get some rest...locking horns with vermin.. 


  1. LOL that old deck is certainly you! A metaphorical and physical representation of your esistance. LOL! The new patio is looking killer although you should have went another 4-6 feet in depth. You can always add on later...masterbater!

  2. Yeah... the back yard is small as it is so I think this is it....besides ..this is the first time my lawn has looked good so I didnt have the heart to tear it up!!! to mention the Karma issues....Once I get the edging done around the perimetre it will have more size...
    Speaking of size... I have a great dink...

  3. Your dink is a miniscule horrid mess of calused skin, bone fragments and hair. Hardly capable of pissing. I'm so sad for you. Science is sorry for you!
    Are you a Hobbit? You hairy footed Mfer!
    Where are the finished patio pics fagolio?

  4. I got Hamstringed yesterday by Avery and this Amazon like will be the day even if I have to finish this fucker my moonlight.
    My huh-whang is long straight and mighty thick...completely without alloy ...and in the late eighties became self aware...took over my life and subsequently destroyed it....only occasionally does it alloy me too think straight and do things like play guitar,fish, and put down patio stone ....which reminds me Id better get to work...
    I am going to stop by Ontarios biggest LCBO today and if the dont have Mill St ICe Tea Beer I may snap....stear clear of the place

  5. Looks killer....figures your artsy ass would be able to make something this spectacular! Seriously though it looks great.

  6. Thx Garnet but You should see it now. I have put eight inches of Coloured River rock around the whole patio...very cool look...Just sweeping sand into the joints...its is amazing how much sand it takes!!!
    Really locks things together though.
    I was hoping to have it done by tonight but it takes time for that Sand to find its way in I have found.
    Oh well the $$ painful part is over at least...I bought 300 lbs of Concrete Sand and the guys at Degroots charged my $4.5o for the lot....then I grabbed a giant bucket of the River rock ..bout 60 lbs and he just waived me charge...
    I think they are starting to feel sorry for me.
    I will force myself to sit down and figure out exactly how much this cost me.....
    Feels good though.... I may have found my penis in all this labour...
    ...wheres Kimi????? Ooh La la....( Whos kiddin who..?)

  7. thx...getting got in the way but I am off tomorrow...should have the finishing touches done tomorrow despite the rain.
    Just have to put down the rest of the deco rock trim and sod the grass that got smoked then its BBQ time fuckers!!!
    Walleye are starting to go down here...might get out this weekend if the stars align fishwise..