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Saturday, January 26, 2013


So I thought I'd made a decision.

I was leaning towards the Louis electric KR12...combo.

The compact size just makes more sense. Louis Rosano has almost legendary status in the amp building world and I have decided that I am going to go with one of his beautiful creations.

Louis Electric

I have some cash in hand and a deal in place for my current amp which will be finalized a week from tomorrow...I am ready to go.

So I contact Cliff Cultreri at Destroy All Guitars  via email to start the ordering process.

Cliff emails me back immediately and asks if he can call me directly to which I answer yes.

Two seconds later the ph is ringing!!...all the way from NC.

What a solid guy...and talk about customer service!!  He must've spent the better part of an hour talking to me about amplifiers and  trying to find out what 'I' ultimately was looking for in terms of guitar tone.
This guy is passionate about guitar and man does he know his shit!!

Through our talks he made me sure about two things.

I want to do business with him.
Also ... I want a Louis Electric amplifier.

...however...he kind of talked me out of the KR12....convincing me that it was probably overkill.

He is suggesting the 'The BUSTER'...and it is less expensive???

This is something that you don't see a lot in retail.

I have since been reading about them and checking out the video and written reviews online...he may be right. 

It is a cute little amp!!!!! ....and it has that midrange compression thing going on silly style... I love that...Three knobs..two volumes and a tone simple...beautiful

There is no risk involved because he went on to say that if it isn't my bag he would get me into a KR12 or whatever I want...but he doubts that I will be returning anything.

First steps..very cool...very excited.


  1. Very small! Way to small!! Just like your pathetic penis!
    Freud says you need to overcompenste with your amp purchase. I say listen to Freud cause you almost have a Vag...
    Don't cheap out! Go with your first thoughts and then you can lift the house off the foundation come the first Norland Spring Flood!

  2. I hear you...but I am going to let the gods decide...

    Not about going cheap though.... I may buy two of em and run them in

  3. Listen...I have been giving this some thought. Get the small one and use the balance of the mad money for a down payment on a Les Paul. Man you need a Les Paul just like the one that freak is playing in the Louis Demo Vid.

  4. Yeah I love that guy..'Mountain Cat Guitars'