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The next phase of online self indulgence.
I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Winner IS..

Well... It is just an amp for Christs sake.

...But it has come to mean so much more.

 With the sale of the guitars and the previous amplifier I had given myself the opportunity to move into a whole new class of quality in terms of guitar amplification.

Like 'this is it'...they just don't make gear any better than this ...but what flavour????

 I don't know..
.don't really know what I want ...have no frame of real direction...and it was starting to drive me crazy!!

 I want something totally new..but with some flexibility.

 Cliff at 'Destroy All Guitars' was outstanding and has provided some very interesting insight with his vast experience..but he'd steered me away from what I wanted to some degree. 

He also mentioned that if I went with the Louis Electric KR12....which was my front-runner..I would have to wait for Lou to build it....whereas the Louis electric Busters are in stock and ready for shipping..

 I am not very patient.

 So the 'Buster' appealed to me...but...the thing is sometimes you just get your mind set on something....sigh.... So I am bouncing around the internet...Lou..Cliff, DAG and I are all friends on FB...
 ( insert Morins slam here..)...

I notice on Louis Electrics  FB wall that a store in Wichita has just taken delivery of a KR12!!

 I spend all day yesterday trying to buy it....but the guy won't take Credit card or PayPal??

 He would only do business with me if I wire the money directly to his account or send a certified cheque...?? ...???

 Well...the whole thing kind of bothered me..

...not the least of which I was the idea that I was moving away from dealing with Cliff and his outstanding customer service and help just because I couldn't wait 2 months for the build time.

 Shame and Paranoia ...not much fun.

  Wichita guy and I..( who seemed pretty nice BTW )..went back and forth through email all day and I was actually considering doing what he asked when Cliff called me 'AGAIN' from North Carolina.

I  literally was about to hit send on an email I'd composed to Wichita guy 'caving in' and going his route when the ph rang!!!????

 We talked and pressure..he is just a guy who loves guitar gear and wanted to pickup from where our conversation left much fun to deal with... ...And the thing is...this whole quest is about fun
...the search for fun...anybody seen it recently...???...

The search for fun...away from Murder, Cancer, Schoolyard Shootings, Recalcitrant Managers, Contract Squabbles, Guilt trips, Flooded basements and Drug Smugglers.

 Either Cliff is psychic or it is fate.

 Cliff said originally that the KR12 was probably a bit too much amp for me....well ,... I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT.


  It is a done deal and the build has begun...

 Feb is a busy month anyway...then we go to Myrtle Beach... I will be coming home just in time for the amp delivery.

 Can't wait but I guess I will have to. :o)

 Yesterday I watched 'It Might Get Loud' for the ten millionth's about to get loud at the Norland


  1. Right on!!! I am fucking proud of you! You stepped up and went the way of self indulgence. You deserve it and honestly...Can it ever been too loud when you are feeling it?

    Who know's maybe it'll inspire that boy of yours to grow a mullet and start crackin out some riffs with the ole man!

  2. Yep... it feels good!
    Can't wait to put this thing through the paces!!!