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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Could this be the one..??

A new front runner has emerged in the amp portion of my New Years TONE QUEST!!

The Louis Electric KR-12 has been suggested to me by a friend who is a guitar head guitar tone expert.

This amp was originally designed for Keith Richards..hence the 'KR' in the title.

A bit odd that I may own anything that anything to do with Keith Richards...but I suppose thats a titche bitter than Morins metalhead heros....
I will only need to start doing heroin and I can skip the lobotomy and devil worship.

To be honest I had never heard of them before but a little internet research has revealed that they are widely revered as the bomb.

...And of course everything you read on the internet is accurate.

Buying a 'Boutique' amplifier is a bit of a dice roll.

I happen to be living in an age of renaissance when it comes to real artisan hand made tube amps and as corny as it sounds ..people like myself have an obligation to buy one from the many quality builders who are out there. Not just for our own selfish reason but also as a measure of patronage to these people who are keeping the artistic tradition alive.

There are many of them.

More than I ever could've guessed before I started doing any research towards my own purchase.

If you are a guitar head tube amp junky then these are very exciting times.

The KR-12 is a very versatile little number. Loud enough to blow the windows out but capable of real subtlety for my elevator music moments that Morin loves to comment on.

It's expensive...they all are...but not as expensive as some...UNLESS... I decide to go with the head/cab 2 x 12...which amounts to an extra grand. Never say never.

I have had a couple of nibbles on my current amp that is for sale but I am in no rush really.

The family is making a road trip to Myrtle Beach in late feb and I am going to try and wait until I get back to realize the amp thing.

It is the coldest day of the year today at a standing minus 15. Just took the kids to school and just about kept driving.

A friend of mine texted me from Yellowknife is currently minus 50 there w/o the wind chill.

I am off this week  but have a million things I have to do...all of which are very distasteful.

The amp purchase is my dangling carrot.

I swapped the p/u s out of my Eastman. She now has Seymour Duncan Antiquities.

These are a pickup that is designed as close to original Gibson PAF style pickups from the '50's as you can get.


They even age them so they look old...silly...but very is fun stuff and silly has its benefits ...not enough silly in my life currently.

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