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I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Out there...

Here is a picture of the Sarnia area that Sarnia  ON native Chris Hatfield recently took from outer space.

Very Cool.

He is currently running shit up in the space station...and I am currently down here fighting yet another chest cold...
Jesus this is frustrating!!!

On a good note...I have sold both of my guitars and I have some mad money burning a hole in my pocket.

Once my amp sells I will be able to go shopping tone silly style...and I am looking forward to it.

The owner of KW cabs has suggested this beautiful 4 x 10 cab at a very good price... that could be overkill...but I am chewing on it.

I used to have a Fender Super when I was a young punk playing in the rock bands ' back in the day'
It had 4 x 10's in it and I loved it!!


The guitar sales weren't without the obligatory cold feet and drama that can sometimes threaten to choke the fun out of my ridiculous existence...but per my New Years resolution fought through er done ...and in a way it all has been very liberating.

Some cool guitars ...that I never play...have found new...Appreciative Owners..
That is important.
Now I am going shopping.
That is very cool...very cool indeed!!!


  1. I need you to record some guitar riffs for me to use in my videos. I'll take you fishing in return. Sweet deal, yes?

  2. Sounds good.
    My father in law is all fired up about bringing his boat to the West side to fish for salmon in the summer months.
    We may need to hire you on as a consultant.

    Over here we troll with back bacon and works well enough to hook them but you have to pay a tax before you can net them.

  3. You guys should get a room together...You can share Riffs, make videos and facebook each other all night long whilst spooning to your hearts content. Whoooo haaa haaa haaaaa!

    Is Gerry prepared to troll with Mr Twisters and pink line...

    Go with the 4x10's!!! Dry those damp basement walls the F*ck out! Now I'm seriously gonna start Les Paul huntin.

  4. Looks like a nice cabinet! I use to run my Tele thru a Fender Blues deluxe 40watt all tube. I still regret letting that amp go... oh well. Happy shopping!

  5. Ah the Telecaster!!
    I think everyone used to own a of my first real guitars and to this day they just feel 'right' when they are sitting in your lap.
    I still am not sure what I want...
    I am switching the p/u 's in my guitar next week with some Seymour duncan 'Antiquities'.
    After that I am going to head back over to my buddies place and try everything again.
    I have to sell my Fender deluxe reverb. I have it listed on Kijiji now but so far no bites..
    That is the last piece to the puzzle...then its shopping time for real.
    Funny...I though that thing would sell immediately..and it would take forever for the guitars to move.
    Whatever...I am in no real rush.

  6. Morin is a POS...

    If I buy this 50 watt tube amp I will invite you over and crank that bitch...
    That will melt your face..
    I will even learn me some metal head highschool smoking area metallica licks...

    Now out to the Weber...its like summer outside