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I am useless.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I stopped by my gear nerd friends last night to take yet another tour through his equipment museum.

It is like Disneyland for guitar!!

This time I brought my own guitar. The idea was to plug into some of the amps that knocked me about the other day but with my own guitar this time.
I was especially curious to see how the new pickups sounded in the Armstrong.

Well they sounded absolutely friggin amazing..


Guitar sound...good guitar sound is all about different combination of things and to my surprise my Eastman really sounded nice in Marks Rediron amps..( all three of )..

The last time I was over they didn't really do it for least not as much as the Armstrong...but this time ...with my own guitar they really had the sweetness going on...


The builder uses  Mesquite and according to Mark when you really lay them out and the tubes are burnin you can actually smell the wood...

I love that...



  1. Oh you love the wood...right in your a$$!

    Hurry up and buy something before your roof collapses, chimney falls over or the wheels fall off your Jap Crap and the money gets spent elsewhere.

  2. There be the rare spice of truth and dare I say wisdom in your words brother....
    Need to get a few things over with before I celebrate...tomorrow is the big day.... you know I am a superstitious MFer.