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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Option Anxiety


They actually haunt me ..

But it is nice to be in a position where I can consider my options.
The truth is  that I am not sure what I want with my quest for the ultimate tone...but I am close...

Originally the two amps that were on my radar were the Carr Rambler...and the Swart SST 30.

The Rambler being the Pinnacle of clean sounds unrivaled and the Swart being much more versatile with the ability to get a bit nasty.
It is less compact as well.

 I am not sure if that is a bonus or a drawback...but really... I seldom play anywhere but my house..even though I have another gig coming up on Valentines day.

The Armstrong has a very sweet doubt...and the sound still haunts me..but,

If I go that route, and for whatever reason, decide to make a different choice later on, will I be able to sell it?

The Swart Amps are sought after and are very well known as are the Carr amps.

They seldom come up for sale used...and when the do they sell almost immediately. I think I'd be foolish not to keep this in mind...

I have time... I am about halfway there $$-wise and my existing amp is still up for sale.

In the meantime Jackson Ampworks has recently come onto my radar. They have a funky look that has started to grow on me. They are a big name with gearheads and are also an option.

I am thinking that as the time grows near I need to take the gee-tar and make a tone pilgrimage to some of the big music stores in Chicago to test drive some of these icons...and maybe grab some deepdish pizza...

On a side note...most of the snow is gone and it rained all last night. It is like a spring day out...meanwhile the East coast is being buried under snow in a series of Biblical storms...

What have we done to this planet?...

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