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Monday, May 13, 2013

Lotsa Dogs...and Chaos..

Today we had a visit from the Breeder that we bought Ruby from.

I really like this Lady. They are dutch and , are actually here in Canada on work permits so the borken english is at times a bit of a barrier...but certainly better than my dutch.

The only dutch I know is Heineken...and there is a good chance that I've just misspelled it..although spell check is giving it a

She brought the whole family including the two adult Flatcoated retrievers....Nala and Pumbaa.

Great dogs.

Nala is the liver coloured one and that is Ruby's mother...

I wondered how they would be together but the all got along great and I think they recognized each other immediately.

Arianne is the Breeders name and she has four young children of her thats 7 kids and three dogs of which is a puppy..
Chaos...just chaos...but I am pretty sure we had a nice visit!!??!!...

There were only a few smallish injuries and I am pretty sure those were just attention grabbers.


It was a nice mothers day reunion for little Rube...

I love this dog...I look forward to spending time with her.

Today we went for a very long walk at a local Conservation area. The hope was to burn her out before the visit to help with the behavior.

It went very well and Arianne was amazed by Rubys progress.

....and yes, to quote Morin, I think I am becoming a bona fide "dog fag"...


  1. Text book "dog-fag" Did you like pumbaa and Nala on Facebook...friggin grown man my a$$. ;0)
    I knew you would become a dog fag...Classic case. LOL!

  2. Oh yah... I am FB silly!!!!
    Usually when I post something on FB it is a race between Arianne and JB to see who 'likes' it first!!
    ..although JB is has been a little slow on the draw lately. The diaper duty may be slowing down his cyber existence.
    BTW...JB has a cool series of rod building videos starting on his Youtube channel...makes me want to start a rod project

  3. BTW...I'm diggin your new camera. It takes nice pics!

  4. Yep..not to shabby and a good deal to boot....which is huge when you know that you'll be destroying it soon enough like I always do.

  5. You FB homo's love the Rod projects!

    Your Rainshadow blank present is sitting here so if you are so inclined swing by and pick it up. Heck you might even inspire me to spin mine up...but I doubt it.
    BTW go with the Fuji Concepts...