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I am useless.
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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well we headed back to that same spot and everything had changed.

Water had become ultra clear and colder by about 5 degrees.
None the less we trolled around in it for about the better part of an hour then turned out towards some deeper water.

Steelhead are awesome and it is a shame to waste such a magnificent creature on anything other than a good and proper float reel....

In about 20 ft of water the temps jumped to where they were yesterday and the outside board goes ZZZZzzzz- ing!!

A beautiful Steelhead jumping like a mad fool way out there in the morning sun!!!

Very cool!

I was actually rooting for the fish...but it will be on the table tonight.

We were 5 for 7 today but still the big fish elude us.

I have to take tomorrow off for some chores and puppy duties so it only stands to reason that tomorrow they will hit all huge fish.

...two days left after that.

Fingers crossed.

BTW... haven't heard from Morin...I kind of miss the 7 million mindless text messages a day like.. for example... "you are a useless choda licker".....or..."whats it like being a pile of gay?"

I hope hes dead

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