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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sea of Human Garbage

Back to work for three...

It just about did me in.

I am so fortunate to have a job...but my workplace is a sad joke at best and working there is killing me...quite literally.

Oh well...Live by the choices you make and go hard

I am good at my job and proud of the enforcement that I do in spite of all the bullshit.

Got a good one second shift in....but I am surprised I still have the energy anymore.

I should just be like everyone else in the world and do as little as possible for as much as I can get..don't get involved...and just come home tune into american idol, have affairs and get drunk... today...and had a great time.... even managed to get out for a run.

I did 4km at a good ...not great pace but did it without stopping and I feel very good now because of it.

The kids and I took Rube for a nice long walk in the morning at Wawanosh Wetlands.
Ruby loves it in there but I flicked two ticks off her before we got in the car to go home.

Ticks are bad this year...

Avery asked me at about 3pm if I would take her fishing.

No Brainer..

She's so much fun...and I wouldn't trade the days I spend chasing panfish with her for any Steelhead trip I could imagine.

Lifes not so bad I suppose ....

I am going to change my guitar strings and crack a KLB Rasberry Wheat Beer and see if I can keep from

I have been working on the 'head' of this old Mike Stern tune called Gossip.... I used to be able to play this in my sleep when I was in college..
That bird has flown!

I found this live version on Youtube as well as the original.

The percussion dude at the beginning cracks me up. Fusion Music sounds so dated now...but I love the syncopation of the opening riff...and it is a good workout for these old hands... I almost have it again...almost..

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  1. Listen...keep hanging around Wawanosh wetland and you will most certainly have it again. right in the angry starfish! Just like your college days... Faglicker!

    Good job on the Terrorist!!! Keep our country safe mfer. ;0)