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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ruby vs Lake Huron

Today was Rubys first trip to the beach and she actually went in swimming for sticks.

005 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

She loves it and she just went wild down there with the kids. She is such a good dog and is really starting to become a member of the family.
 These dogs are so smart that it is really spooky.

She craves training and I am totally comfortable giving her the run of the house now.

Today my father in law and I went hard at the window wells and the grade issue in the back yard. The entire time we worked out there Ruby just hung around and enjoyed our company..the gates were all open and she never ventured off the property once.

Her leash manners are coming along nicely and I think soon she'll be walking right by my side without pulling or any 'Heel' cues.

Last night around 11'oo I had taken her out for her nightly business and while we were out there we heard a pack of coyotes baying.
It was a still night and it sounded like they were just down the street but they were more likely on some farmers property a few kms out.

Ruby went apeshit...she didn't dig that at all!!

Her hair went up on her back and ran into the wrong door trying to get into the house.

She is cute but not much of a guard dog.

She did take off after a bird the other day and Kim said that she let out a little growl at the neighbours dog..


Fun day...quite a contrast from yesterday.

Still no Alaska pics or post from Morin...hmmmm...suspiciously there happened to be a fudgepacking convention on that very same week in Vegas.... lance fish writers and photographers got a free butt plug at the door...and we know how numbnuts loves a good dealio...

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