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Monday, May 6, 2013

Salmon Derby Wrap UP

I had to skip a few days of posting.

Friday was forced to take a day off. This was planned to some degree and expected.
In truth I had expected to be wanting a day off by that point but when Friday arrived that wasn't the case at all.
Gerry and I have been into fish all week....way more than most the point where some Jackass actually accused Gerry and I of cheating!!

..fucking rednecks...
( see above pic for shining example!!)
My Father in Law is the kindest nicest man I have ever met and volunteers his time all year to make the Derby and in fact the local hatchery a viable possibility.
I would bet my life that he is incapable of lying to anyone but himself...and even then he is unaware that he is doing it.
It is like accusing Jesus..

Douchebags...always douchebags...they are everywhere.

Anyway, on Friday Kim was teaching and we had nobody to watch little Ruby-doo.

Rube has been doing awesome with all of her training and we haven't had an accident in weeks ( there have only been 3 total !! )

... I didn't want her to be forced into 'going in her crate' and undermine all of our progress.
Also I had a tree removal guy coming to the house to give me a quote on the DEMON POPLAR in the backyard.
The bane of my existence....the hurricane couldn't even knock that fucker down.
This hill billie that was coming had originally said that he could probably knock all the trees down and grind the stumps and take away everything for 18oo.

Well...he showed up at 4:45 pm  with a quote of $45oo.oo ...and Rube slept til 1 pm.

Which ...put in Norland terms...means I could've fished.

The boys didn't do jack shit without me.  The fishing is tough in this end of the Great Lakes and if you are unable to adapt with different tactics and keep your mind open you WILL lose....

My brother in law cannot do this...he ran riggers all day tight to the ball and didn't get a bump.

The riggers only got one small 'Coho' for us all week....where as the inline boards sang there song consistently..and the biggest fish came on a Dipsey with a stealh snubber and a clear disc flouro setup..

The next day we hit 8 out of 12 fish with two double headers...go figure.

That day sucked as well as at right around 10:00 am I got a text message that my Grandmother had passed away.
She was very old and this was expected ....she had lived to long and had been in great pain for some time.
This is a blessing and a relief for my Mother and the rest of the family.
...but it still is kind of shitty when you lose a family member...regardless of circumstances.

The memorial will be Wed and I am dreading it...mostly because my family is a shitshow that has very clear and caustic divisions within it.
The Cleavers we are not.

We did fish on my mother s wishes...Owens fish had been bumped off the kids board and we had to get another fish for him.

We got fish....good ones...but not good enough...sigh.

All in all it was a great event...probably the most enjoyable ever for us full of great father and son and grandpa memories.


  1. Sounds like you boat wankers had a good week. Too bad you cheated ;0)
    Good for Owen to get out there and get it done.
    Later M-bater!

  2. My condolences Gene. Owen is becoming an angler in full colours! You sound like Captian Troll King with that set up talk. LOL

  3. Gil thx for the kind words. The memorial was today .The service just finished. Glad its over.
    As Troll king..well lets just say I rather be lucky than good.
    The real reel master is our friend JB from Michigan...the bane of all salmon!!
    That MFer can fish...just got do something about the pink line and neoprene's!!!