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I am useless.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013


So here is the little girl with the 'dog phobia'...


Now not so much.

This morning while I was cleaning up the kitchen after the Mothers day get together I watched Avery and Ruby play their little stick possession war for the better part  of an hour...and it was really cute.

The dog just seems to know not to get too rough with her and I love that.

I think that Avery has gotten more out this dog than any of us...Ella included,..and that is a huge relief for me.

004 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

She was so afraid of dogs that I thought it was unnatural. One of the reasons I chose to get a dog was because of this. I figured that once we got a puppy she would come around...I mean who can resist that??

...well you never really know....but it has worked out beautifully and I think that she will be a better child because of it.
Once again..Morin was right on the money...god it hurts to type that.

No spring steelhead fishing for me...

I am back to work on Wednesday and Monday and Tuesday are booked.

I did sneak down under the Bridges the other day to check that out. They had been catching fish and I thought that on a rainy day, midweek, I would be able to tolerate it enough to find some enjoyment in it.

I was wrong.

I admit that it would be a fun place to fish, provided that I was the only person on earth.
But ...this is the fruits of the local hatchery...and I am just a visitor with that aspect...its theirs and it is working well for them..
I will stick to the woods and streams...

I hooked one fish...which I lost...and then was overwhelmed with the amount of pot smoke...

I don't do shoulder to shoulder and I think that I will just hang er up until Fall.

I thought about taking the 2wt flyrod down to the marina for the giant Gillies that are hanging around the docks....
Would've been way more dignity in it.


  1. Pot smoke...nice!
    I'm glad the dog is working out. It's a must for the kids and family.

  2. Freedom...expand your mind square