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Friday, October 26, 2012

Collateral Joy

The fall Steelhead Season is here and that is very good news...

 The blood pressure starts to drop..good exercise ...fresh is just plain fun.

 I look forward to this all year round and in mid July it feels like it is never going to get here.

 To be honest...and this is really sad come to think of it...I usual forget just how much I enjoy it until I get that first pull.. The rod starts thumpin...water explodes...I feel a strange sort of muscle spasm in my face..Hmm ...oh yeah ..they call that a smile.


 At one point on out last trip I was fighting a fish and getting owned and I just put my head back and started to laugh uncontrollably ....felt really good...really good.

 It is a great that I am almost ready to bring Owen into. That snuck up on me...but I don't want to wait too long.


 Part of our tradition on the return home is to stop in at the Mennonite Market on the old highway... OHHH what a find!!!

 The pork these people turn out ( sorry to my muslim friends ) makes me believe in god...well almost.. 

 Just got finished some on the BBQ..Smoked Pork chops...Smoked back the classic and kids favourite honey garlic sausages...unreal..

The WEBER is TEETs BTW!!!!!!

 Its nothing like the shit you find in the grocery store...worth the trip all on their own really...but it is part of the pkg this time of year and the whole crew become fiends for it.

 The smoked Pork chops..oh is like a giant chunk of cured bacon...I am stuffed but am salivating just thinking about it..

 Oh shit ...I almost forgot about the butter tarts and pies... Just a gift...

 Another fall gift.. Thank god its time..


  1. Tell many filth ridden, sh*t filled, fingernailed hands does it take to pack a Mennonite sausage?
    Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm that's good eats!


  2. Put away that grill and get out the fly rod!

    Let's see some chrome!

  3. TBS...
    The storm has us all cowering indoors currently but I can't wait to get back out again.
    Lots of time off in the next two weeks and I am itching to get out again but looks like 'sandy' has my number...
    Oh well..rain is a good thing....