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Friday, October 19, 2012

I Made The Paper

...Like most of our current media it is almost completely inaccurate...

Makes me look like I almost know what I am doing out there.



The Border guard that was shot in BC...who was unarmed going to make a full recovery.

Thank God.

It is amazing how much something like this can shake you up...even though really I am surprised it doesn't happen more often.

The bullet struck her in the neck and then exited her shoulder at the back missing all vital organs.

Nothing short of a miracle really

Took the kids to the animal farm today and looks like Morin and I will will be fishing somewhere on Sunday.

There has been a bit of rain and the temps are right but the fav river still has risen to her glory....come on BABY!!!!

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  1. If the picture was to compliment an article about a raving pack of Homo's loose in the City park system then it would be accurate. Not surprised to see you are leading that pack!
    "Lord of the Fags" ;0)

    One fish tomorrow...just one fish...thats all I need...