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Sunday, October 14, 2012

On a Lighter Note

I crossed one off my bucket list today....but it damn near killed me...

I had been wanting to compete in an organized run.


This is actually funny because I am not much of a runner ...however...I have been running. In fact I really enjoy it.
It keeps me from a heart attack and allows me to drink beer guilt free.

It also gives me a good half hour of me time twice a week. Just music and my thoughts...

Well...and the pain.

Also, Owen has really inspired me.

He loves running...and that little mFer can fly.

Owen and Ella..( Ella for the first time) competed in the city wide (Dogan) Cross Country competition on Saturday.
I booked the first four hours of my shift off so I could watch.

Each division had about 100 kids competing...and it is kind of funny to watch them take off across the field together..friggin chaos.

Ella did very well for her first try finishing right around the middle of the pack at 49th place.

Owen...sigh...Owen got second.... but it was one helluva race with the third place runner coming in almost a minute behind.

There are a few kids in the city that give him a challenge and this one kid had his number on Saturday.

Owen appears to be a distance runner and in the shorter races (2.25 km) the bigger kids can hang with him and sometimes out-kick him at the end..(sometimes!!)...but I could tell that if the race had gone another km...Owen would have crushed him.

He was disappointed...he wanted to win..and that is a good thing..but he is getting faster...and without making an excuse for him the kid that did win had a considerable size advantage...( Damned Norland Genetics!!!)

That was yesterday....

Today we both competed in a 5 km run in London Ontario to raise money for kids with disabilities. It was a beautiful run along the Thames River with great colours and fresh air.

Owen killed....

The only person that beat him ...or was even close to him was a 6 ft 6" adult from England who ..I could tell... was a little disturbed at how close he came to losing to an 11 year old Wunderkind.

The big fella beat Owen by only 20 seconds and Owen finished with a time of 20 mins 12 seconds...LOL

HE'S 11!!!!...

Most the other adults that got smoked by him couldn't believe their eyes.

Very proud...

Dear old Dad rolled in at 33 mins.....sigh....

At least I did it without stopping...or dying..

Time for a Beer.


  1. Congrats Norland family.
    My only question...What are you running from?

  2. I am running from the bad magic...and running to my destiny