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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today was like a summer day, which is normally  a great treat this time of year...but not when you are Steelheading.

DSCF1089 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

By the time we got back to the car I was drenched with sweat.

The hikes we usually take to locate these fish are tough enough without throwing in hot sun and temps.

Today was a great day that started off slow.

The rivers are still not quite there yet and we had decided to return to the spot where we had the success earlier in the week.

It is hard to repeat great trips ,...and I have become a little superstitious about trying.

Not much going on early but later in the day our patience paid off .

Things are supposed to cool off considerably this week with lots of rain in the forecast. Things should really start to get rolling then.

I am off Mon/Tues/Wed and will surely get out again unless things blow out...

Either way it looks like things are starting to go...

Saw some cool things today besides a curve in my fishing rod.

Bald Eagles, Garter Snakes...beautiful fall colours...

It is great to get out. great...essential really..but I am fucking exhausted.

..also...all is right with the world in Morin fished circles around me and I spent a considerable amount of time pulling my fishing line out of the trees.



  1. I hear you, it felt like July today and I almost played hooky as couple of buds were heading out for perch. The night time walleye bite has been pretty hot too. As for the rivers - low and clogged with leaves. The Elk has saved me from going insane.

    1. BTW... if you ever get loopy and feel like you need a return to land of bacon we'd be glad to host you.

      Sounds like you are only about 4 hrs out ...depending on what kind of hassle you get at the border...LOL

  2. Good to hear from you Greg.

    Hang in there...gotta be just around the corner.

    Lovin the forecast.

  3. I am still sweating and my body aches...When did we get so old?
    Great Day...Those Huron Fish sure are pretty. I had long forgotten the intensity of our October fish. LOL! Good times. The cold rains will be a much needed boost to the local systems and make doning the gear bearable. I read some report of a potential crazy storm worse than "the perfect storm" coming tonight. Bring that sh*t biatch!

  4. Perfect storm...oy..I better get the eaves-troughs cleaned..

    Pulled the plug today....badly needed. It will cheesies and The Walking Dead Zombie episodes for me.

  5. Walking Dead Zombie Movies...Isn't that like going to work?

  6. LOL....yeah except I don't have to talk to them.

  7. Right on Gene. All worth the work from what I can see. ;) Brian, if he is such a good friend, should let you fish all prime runs for one half hour while he prunes the area you are working before he touches water... ( just kiddin Brian ;) )

  8. We fight over who gets to go first...but in the opposite way you might think.

    "you go you go fist you go first ,I went first last time..nope that was me now it s your turn..."
    It is just as fun watching...
    However when it is my turn it s usually a comedy act unfortunately.
    We take our human imprint pretty seriously ...but there is this one tree limb that is screaming for a chainsaw.
    Karma..the minute you knock it down the fish will disappear